Are you on the hunt for the perfect photo to use on your Christmas card this year? Whether you’ve scheduled a mini session with a professional photographer or snapped your own picture, family photo cards are the most popular type of holiday card to send to family and friends. Christmas cards are one of the most beloved holiday traditions of the season, but sometimes our beautiful cards are filled with grammatical errors and misplaced apostrophes. If you’re sending a Christmas card this year, here is a simple guide to making sure you’re following the rules.

If you can remember one thing from this post, never add an apostrophe to make your last name plural.

Paper Hearts Christmas Cards

Last Name NOT Ending in “s, x, z, ch, sh”

You do not place an apostrophe after the the last letter. Adding an apostrophe makes the name possessive. Just simply add an “s” to the end of the name.

The Smiths or The Smith Family
The Kotarskys or The Kotarsky Family

Last Name Ending in “s, x, z, ch, sh”

Add an “es” to the end of these names. There is an exception to this rule. If your last name ends in “ch” but is pronounced with a hard “k” sound, like the word monarch, add an “s” rather than “es.”

The Lucases or The Lucas Family
The Joneses or The Jones Family
The Archs or The Arch Family

Other Common Christmas Card Misspellings

Happy Holidays, not Happy Holiday’s

Season’s Greetings, not Seasons Greetings
This time it is possessive and needs an apostrophe because the greetings belong to the season.

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Allison Kotarsky