• Paper Hearts Christmas Cards

    How To Make Your Last Name Plural

    Are you on the hunt for the perfect photo to use on your Christmas card this year? Whether you’ve scheduled a mini session with a professional photographer or snapped your own picture, family photo cards are the most popular type of holiday card to send to family and friends. Christmas cards are one of the […]


  • Barn at Fallingwater Pennsylvania Summer Wedding

    An Inside Look At My Top Five Favorite Materials

    All designers have their own creative style, their speciality, their niche. I like to consider myself as a clean white space dominate designer with soft and romantic details. Typography also plays a large part in my designs. I like to use clean serif and sans-serif fonts (those regular fonts), and carefully selected script fonts with […]


  • Stamps Cost How Much? | Wedding Invitation Postage

    It’s Engagement Season! This week marks the start of engagement season. *happy dance* Engagement Season starts at Thanksgiving and ends around Valentine’s Day because that is when most proposals happen. As a wedding professional, this is the most exciting time of the year! I love seeing friends and family get engaged and I love even […]


  • What It Means To Shop Small

    Shopping Small – The Handcrafted Cooperative – I’ll admit, shopping local is something that wasn’t always important to me. I didn’t truly understand the importance of the shopping small movement. It wasn’t until I became a entrepreneur myself that I knew how much hard work and love went into each small business and their products. […]


  • The Grayson House

    The Grayson House | New Uniontown Wedding Venue

    The Grayson House Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with some very talented vendors at a new wedding venue in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, The Grayson House. Uniontown was long overdue for an new upscale wedding venue and I’m happy that Ashley and her family decided to build this unique barn in the […]


  • Deep Creek Lake Maryland Boho Wedding

    Why Paper Wedding Invitations Are Still Important

    photo by Jessica Fike Photography So you’re planning your wedding and getting advice from everyone in Facebook land on where to order. Many of them suggest discount places because “it’s just paper” and “they will end up in the trash anyways.” Well guess what else will? Leftover food, dead flowers, ripped apart wedding favors (you […]


  • When Should I Send Out Invitations?

    Planning a wedding and sticking to a stationery ordering schedule can be a little confusing. Since there are so many different paper pieces to consider, I’ve created a wedding stationery timeline to make ordering your invitations and wedding day pieces a breeze. The timeline lists each item and tells you when your order should be […]


  • Elephant Baby Shower

    As we are preparing for baby boy #2, I can’t help thinking about my beautiful elephant themed baby shower for Luka 3 years ago. Fun fact: Luka didn’t officially have a name until 12 hours after he was born! We couldn’t agree (err…decide). My brunch themed shower, complete with mimosas, was held at the Historic Stone […]