Sweet Baby Snuggles

Within two minutes of meeting me you will easily discover that I have two toddlers and I love being a mother. My oldest, 4, will start preschool in the fall and my youngest, almost 2, is my snuggle-bug. Since I work from home, I also spend my days working and designing with the kiddos by my side. I can’t help talking about my boys because they are a huge part of who I am now. I also have a love for itty bitty newborns I tend to get baby fever frequently. I would have 10 kids if I could!

Now don’t get me wrong, kids can be a challenge and there are some days that are just plain hard (I’m lookin’ at you day 50 quarantine) and I feel like giving up, but most days are amazing. I love the sweet little hugs and seeing the world through the eyes of someone discovering things for the first time. Oh, and the baby snuggles. Are. The. Best.

photo by Amanda N. Douthitt Lifestyle Photography

Announcing the New Birth Announcement Collection

At the beginning of April, I launched my Wedding Invitation Collection, but in light of everything going on in the world and having what feels like 10 friends currently pregnant or just having a baby, I decided to launch a Birth Announcement Collection! I’ve designed these in the past for myself and my friends, but I never truly had a collection in my shop or Etsy store. 

With social distancing in full force, friends and even family members won’t be able to see your new bundle of joy in person for a good while. Sending snail mail and a photo of the new baby is as important as ever right now. Cue printed birth announcements. 

There are 16 different designs to choose from. Girls, boys and gender neutral. Each customizable with your baby’s name, birth stats and names of the proud parents and siblings.

Bonus: I’m even throwing in return address printing with these cards because I know as a new mom, the more someone else can help you with right now the better!

photo by Amberlee Christey Photography

Taking Photos of the Baby – Tips from a Pro

Let’s talk photos of the baby. The photo you submit to me does not have to be a professionally taken! In fact, I know a lot of mothers who won’t have the opportunity to have visitors at the hospital right now let alone a birth photographer. Once we are all able to see our extended families and get back to normal, I highly recommend booking a session with a professional photographer. Photos of your baby at 4-6 months are still precious reminders of how little and new they were and, in my opinion, worth the investment.

In the meantime, my friend Amanda, who owns Amanda N. Douthitt Lifestyle Photography, is sharing her tips as a professional photographer to capture those fresh moments of the baby in the hospital with only your phone!


• Turn off all artificial lights, use the hospital windows, and photograph during daylight.
• If you leave on any artificial lights your images will have harsh shadows and a yellow color cast to them.
• Push your bassinet horizontally as close to the window as possible. 


•  Throw garbage away
•  Make your bed
•  Put everything away


• If you’re wanting to switch from hospital attire stick with neutral colors. 
• Stay away from clothing with words, bright or neon colors, and strong patterns. 
• Neutral colors keep the focus on the baby. 
• Coordinate outfits to compliment instead of trying to match.


• Turn off the flash
• Tap the area you want to expose for
• Use two hands to stabilize
• Don’t use the selfie-camera
• Don’t zoom


• Swaddled baby in bassinet or bed
• Unswaddled baby in bassinet or bed
• Closeups (hands, toes, nose etc.)
• Mom & baby (mom looking down, feeding, nursing, interacting)
• Dad & baby (diaper change, nose to nose, looking down and interacting)
• Adult hands with baby hands or feet
• Kisses
• Prop your phone or on something and then set the self-timer
• Ask a nurse to take a family photo of all of you

photo by Amanda N. Douthitt Lifestyle Photography

Download The Full Guide

Amanda has a 4-page PDF guide available for download which goes more in depth on what to pack in your hospital bag for photos, what props to bring, and editing techniques! If you would like to download a copy, you can contact her by sending an email to and.life.photo19@gmail.com