6 Things To Do Before Contacting Your Stationery Designer

photo by: Amberlee Christey Photography

So you’re starting to plan your wedding – congrats! With the holidays winding down, we are in the tail end of “engagement season.” All of those pretty pictures of your gal pal’s new diamonds are probably flooding your Facebook feed and you suddenly realize that 2016 is just a few days away and you’re getting married THIS YEAR! (mini freak-out session). You probably still have a million decisions to make, but hopefully this list will help you to be prepared when it is time for us to meet and talk about your wedding invitations!

1. Set a Date
This is a no-brainer. Without a date we can’t really start on a project timeline or narrow down your invitation wording.

2. Pick a Theme and Colors
This is a big one. Of course we can decide on the exact color of blue you want to use at our meeting, but come with a general idea of what your wedding colors are and what theme you plan to use for the event.

3. Set a Budget!
This is probably the most important one. Unless your budget is unlimited, which most bride’s aren’t, set a budget you’d like to stick with. This will help save time and keep your stationery designer on track with what can be done for you.

4. Chose a Hotel for Your Guests
Ok, even if you don’t officially call to book the hotel or necessarily even need one, have an idea about that ahead of time so that we can plan ahead to include that information on your invitation.

5. Meal Choices
Decide if you are having meal choices or a buffet/family style ahead of time. This will help us plan out your RSVP card more efficiently. Even if you aren’t tasting food for another couple of months and don’t have the exact meals narrowed down yet, have a general idea so that we can plan accordingly for space.

6. Know All Names
This may seem like an easy one, but make sure you know how each of your parents wants to be listed on the invitation. If Dad goes by a nickname and rarely uses his given name, ask him what he prefers. If your beau is a Junior, find out if he wants to be listed as such. This will make planning out the flow of the invitation wording much easier.

Hopefully this will help prepare you for our meeting! Don’t forget to contact me AT LEAST four months before your wedding to start on your invitations. I look forward to working with you!

– Allison

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Morgantown Rising Tide Society


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Yesterday was my favorite day of the month. It’s on the first Tuesday of each month that I get the privilege to meet with a wonderful group of creatives in the Morgantown area to discuss various business topics and ideas. Each time I leave the meeting feeling the spark in my creative heart flicker again and I’m full of excited energy (and good food)! Some days I just get in a slump with my ideas and can’t help questioning myself and thinking “Why the heck am I doing this?!” I think we all get discouraged and feel like what we are doing isn’t enough or doesn’t make sense, but it’s meeting with a group of (mostly) ladies who have the same feelings as I do that makes me feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be with my business. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, but some days I’d rather curl up on the couch with a pint of ice cream and just watch Fixer Upper all day!

Cheers to fresh ideas and a creative spark as I dive into two new invitation designs this week!

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We’re Having a Boy!


My husband Bob and I are so excited to be welcoming our first baby, a little boy, in August! We’ve been frantically getting the house ready and finishing remodeling jobs in preparation for this little guy.

I’ve officially capped my quota for wedding invitations for the rest of 2015! (Don’t worry brides, if we’ve been in contact recently, your wedding invitations are already on my calendar!) I am so fortunate and blessed to have 26 brides this year – my best year to date! I already have 12 full orders out the door, with just 14 left to go! Each design has been very fun to create, and I’ve definitely had the opportunity to challenge myself as a designer and go out of my comfort zone. I’ve learned a lot and I can’t wait to learn even more!

I’m still taking a limited amount of party and shower invitation orders this year, but trying to not plan too much after August because I’m preparing for a son who might just be as challenging as his daddy! 🙂

Thanks for supporting my little printing business and choosing me as your stationery designer!





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Green Inspiration

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I featured this color inspiration board last year, but since then my blog has undergone TWO major revamps causing me to lose my content. No worries though! I am back with even better ideas to share and color inspiration boards to help you plan your big day! Enjoy this color inspiration on this wonderfully, green day!


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Starting Fresh

Well, while attempting to switch my blog address I accidentally wiped out my entire blog! Whoops! So here I am, starting fresh. I will be re-posting some of the invitations I featured before, but adding in plenty more as I go!

Thanks for reading and sorry for my silly mistake.

Here’s a pretty picture to get you started…


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